Standing on the edge of the future

December 19, 2011 at 3:44 pm Leave a comment

George Espy2012 is the year when OGF will begin its three-year transformation into a more inclusive, dynamic and impactful network of funders. The months ahead will see OGF gradually open the doors and windows of our association to other organizations and individuals involved in the enterprise of philanthropy in Ohio. Building on the existing network of “organized philanthropy” – community, private foundations, corporate giving programs and other grantmaking public charities – OGF will start to develop a more comprehensive, interconnected network of funders in the Buckeye State, a network that not only allows for easy flow and access to information, but enhances opportunities to align giving to achieve greater impact on problems of shared concern.

Why are we doing this? The board’s new strategic plan, developed after three years of intensive research and discussion and announced at this year’s annual conference, recognizes that philanthropy is growing and changing…that giving is not limited to the traditional “foundation” form and that, if better linkages existed among more of those involved in charitable giving, philanthropy would be better informed and perhaps more effective in addressing the issues of the day.

What does this mean for the current members of OGF? Simply put, it means that while OGF will continue to provide leadership and service to its existing members, over the next few years additional linkages, information and opportunities will become available that add to the value of OGF membership. As Ohio’s philanthropic network expands, OGF members can expect that desired programming will continue, “safe space” will be respected and “organized philanthropy” will remain the core focus of the association for the foreseeable future. 

What does this mean for Ohio philanthropy as a whole? It means that a vehicle will exist whereby all those involved in the practice of philanthropy in Ohio will have access to a vibrant network that will enable the exchange of information and ideas, access to programs and training, trusted representation before important external audiences and increased potential for greater effectiveness and impact. 

OGF’s new vision will be presented to members in a series of 7 regional convenings, beginning in February, 2012. Watch your “in box” for details about the convening nearest you.

George E. Espy
President, Ohio Grantmakers Forum


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