The OGF Conference is the place to be if you want to master philanthropy

September 26, 2011 at 12:07 pm Leave a comment

Mary Sobecki from The Needmor Fund explains why you should attend OGF’s annual conference – in rhymed verse, no less!


Ode to Philanthropy Forward ‘11

It takes more than intelligence
To do well at due diligence.
In our jobs there is great demand
For having knowledge right at hand.

In late October there is a week
For obtaining all the info you may seek.
Yes, fall is the time when you really must go
To the best of all gatherings…the OGF Show!

The presenters this year are all quite stellar,
Starting with Gara LaMarche — an erudite feller.
And if Gara’s opinions are not enough
There’s David LaPiana – he knows his stuff.

And Ms. Shereece West, what a rising star —
Yes, the plenary speakers are the best by far.
But don’t discount the break-out sessions
For they, too, will instill many lessons.

Workshops for directors, staff and trustees
The conference schedule is sure to please.
You’re bound to learn a new trick or two
That will make you better at what you do.

And did I mention that you’ll not only think
There’s also big fun, good food and drink.
With your grantmaking peers you can mix
While at the same time the world you fix.

So don’t give in to procrastination
It’s time to make your reservation.
A better ticket cannot be bought
For a smorgasbord of thought.

The OGF Conference is the place to be
If you want to master philanthropy.
Each session addresses a grantmaking concern
So come to Columbus…we promise you’ll learn!


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