Fellowship Matters

November 17, 2010 at 12:34 pm Leave a comment

Having just returned from the OGF conference, I am on a serious high – even in the midst of voicemails and emails that need to be returned! My high is not necessarily from all of the things I learned…it is much more about the professional fellowship that occurred in Cincinnati. It was great to be amongst peers from across the state – peers who represent a wide range of philanthropic organizations and serve an even broader range of communities and needs.

It is often in the informal fellowship that true learning happens. I found that to be especially true at this conference, where I met (or remet) a number of peers at the conference (and even on the bus!) and had the opportunity to really engage in timely, relevant discussions. Discussions about diversity and how the definition differs depending on who you ask. Or about succession planning and grooming the next generation of leaders. Or about social media and whether there is ever enough time in the day to really devote time to it. Or about the economy – and education – and budget cuts – and access to health care for all.

There are so many knowledgeable leaders in our field – with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. So many people to learn from. So many people focused on changing lives and making the world a better place.  I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in the field from all who have come before me, so that I can in turn reach back and teach some who are following in my footsteps.  I feel blessed to have this unique opportunity and look forward to future opportunities for fellowship.

Kim St. John-Stevenson
Saint Luke’s Foundation

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